Because the Ashera is such a rare species, prices can reach a staggering $125,000. There are just 5 of these kittens produced year by a company in Los Angeles.

The first Savannah, a cross between a domestic Persian cat and a wild African serval cat, was created in 1986 by Bengal breeder Judee Frank.

Bengal cats appear wild and exotic yet are the best cats for pets. This breed is distinguished by its muscular frame and spotty coat. The wild Asian leopard cat was crossed with domestic shorthairs in the 1970s, giving rise to the domestic Bengal cat.

Although many sources place the origin of Persian cats in 19th-century Persia (present-day Iran), historical data reveals that the breed dates back to hundreds of years before Christ. They are distinguished by their long, rich hair and open, pansy-like looks.

The Peterbald cat is a graceful Russian breed that can either be hairless or have a peach-colored coat. This type of cat can vary in appearance, with some having a velvety coat and others having hair that resembles a man's bristly beard.